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Tasmen is a Pegasus scientist who indirectly works for at Canterlot University. Decked with a coat of light brown fur, and sporting a pompedeur of mixed gold and orange, he is usually adorned with a pair of spectacles if not wearing a set of flight goggles; due to the special nature of these glasses, being looped around the ears and tightened, only during major storms would he require the use of the latter.

Despite his parents desiring he take a different path, his passion, and thus also his mark, took him down the road of the sciences, taking a particular interest in biology and botany. Graduating from the University, he has since led a number of scientific expeditions along the fringes of the Equestrian Principality, the most notable being that into the Dragon Lands and within one of its principal cities. Initially, these expeditions were in large part funded by the Canterlot University, with Tasmen getting only a minor cut of any profits, whether it be relics, knowledge, or difficult to acquire trade goods. Over time however, he accrued quite a sum, presently numbering a couple thousand bits, living in relatively frugal means, and using little except for expedition costs, taxes, and the small sum he carries on his person.

Having joined the group seeking out the cure for an illness that has beset Princess Celestia, he has since become it's doctor due to his expertise in the subject of biology, and has grown rather proficient following on the field experience.

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