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Shared Worlds

“Shared Worlds” (SW) are primarily alternate history (but also science fiction, fantasy, historical, etc.) Play-By-Post (PBP) games of They can be anything from strategies to simulations to RPGs.

Whatever game you'll be playing in Shared Worlds, please bear in mind that you're still dealing with other board members. The rules of polite behaviour and general good conduct apply in Shared Worlds as much as in any other forum of the board. Try to resolve potential misunderstandings respectfully, with mutual cooperation and effort. Avoid arguments and other unnecessary behaviour, be courteous to others.

Now, onto the FAQ section below ! We hope you'll find it helpful and informative. 8-)

How is the Shared Worlds forum organized ?

The Shared Worlds Forum is where you'll find all these games, whether alternate history ones, or non-AH-themed ones.

What follows below is an overview of the forum's current structure.

a.) Sorting labels ("prefixes")

To find a particular game (or several of its threads) based on its genre, please click the tags (labels) seen to the left of every thread title in the Shared Worlds forum. The labels are in different colours and with different names, to make identifying a game by genre easy and quick. Clicking on a label of a particular genre will list all the threads using that label, starting with the most recent threads.

When you're posting anew thread on the Shared Worlds forum, these “genre tags” can be added easily by clicking the section in the left part of the new thread's title box (the section says “No prefix” by default), then selecting the appropriate label from a roll-down menu. Once you finish the rest of the preparations for the thread and post it, this “prefix” of the title will appear as the clickable tag/label for the thread. Easy, ey ?

b.) Genres and styles of games

As for what styles or genres of games tend to be popular in the Shared Worlds forum, here are some of the most common types:

Moderated Games - Games that require moderator approval. Labels currently on offer are “Modded Game”.

Nation Games - Games where each participant takes control of a historical or fictional nation. Labels currently on offer are “Nation Game”.

Map Games - Games where people play by modifying the same map, usualy one turn at a time. Labels currently on offer are “Map Game”.

Election Games - Games that deal with alternate history political election simulations. Labels currently on offer are “Election Game”.

Roleplaying Games - Roleplays and roleplaying games, whether in alternate history, historical, fantasy, science fiction, or any other settings. Labels currently on offer are “Non-AH RPG”.

Other Shared Worlds Games - Various other games that can't be easily classified into the broader categories listed above. Labels currently on offer are “Misc” (as in, Miscellaneous; this is also used for some administrative threads).

c.) Are there any exceptions to this ?

A bit. Though most games have been moved to SW over the years, not all of them are in the Shared World Forum. The usual exceptions are collaborative projects, such as collaborative timelines, and early forms of Shared Worlds games from's early years, before the Shared Worlds forum was established.

For instance, DBWI: Well, it looks like the second american civil war is in full swing from the Future History forum was a thread game of a different stripe (primarily of a roleplaying nature). Several other of these unconventional thread games exist, such as August Akuma's World Domination Thread, or the ASB Map games, like End of Dystopia Map Game, American Administration, etc.

Older Shared Worlds forum organisation (spring 2011 - October 2016)

Between 2011 and late October 2016, unlike other forums on the Board, the Shared Worlds Forum had three special subforums. Each of them represented a thematically and technically different type of play-by-post game. These were Map Games, Nation Games and Moderated Games (links in names are the links of these defunct subforums).

With the New Board moving from vBulletin software to XenForo software in may 2016, the admin made a decision by autumn to innovate the Shared Worlds forum as well. Since tags were a feature of the new software, he implemented special “genre tags” for threads created in Shared Worlds, in addition to usual thread tags. These special tags - prefixes - allow sorting the various SW game threads by their genre, including some of the newer or overlooked genres that previously lacked subforums of their own. The tags largely eliminated the need for subforums. The three existing ones had their content migrated to the main SW forum and were subsequently disbanded.

Useful Shared Worlds threads

Major discussion and news threads for the forum, in general.

Shared Worlds Mods & Guidelines

State of Shared Worlds

Shared Worlds Game Proposal Thread

For more specific discussions, please see the subpages for map games, nation games, RPGs, etc.

Shared Worlds gaming resources

The Shared Worlds Technological Encyclopedia page is a project to aid Shared Worlds members. It is currently on hold.

The Shared Worlds Resources and utilities is a newer page where you can look for things like random generators, calculators, dice rollers, and other resources for map-gaming/nation-gaming and roleplaying, etc.

Official forum description

This forum is for shared worlds: roleplaying scenarios where different people contribute to the development of the same alternate world over time. Use the sandbox for short threads focused on board members.

Only registered members can read this forum.

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