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This is an old revision of the document! Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 1531286 ("Redem")

Session 1

Genealogical research might be needed...

I'd probably do genalogical research on anyone interesting, to make sure he or she ain't one of my descendant.

But enough of the jokes, I shall make my story known eventually.

Session 2

Earliest memories

I’m not sure if you could consider civilisiation existed, when I was born, it was more was the try-out for whoever would have some relevance in history. Well at least were I was born. The only thing that I could hope of ever becoming was a farmer, I don’t think you can blame for trying to get me into that, it was pretty much a whole new thing back in day therefore a quite popular fad. Anyway, my mind was a little too curious for ever hoping to become a farmer (although I did do farming back sometimes “later”, but it was merely out of curiosity and later I sworn myself never to grow my own food unless civilisation would go back to the state it was when I was born). One day I saw travelling merchants, they were unlike anything I saw before, having reach maturity, I was receiving quite a lot of pressure to takeover my father farm. Considering, I was far from being his only son, I saw no problem into smuggling into myself with the merchants. I just wanted to see beyond my village for a moment. I’ve spent days travelling, one time peeped out of my hiding to see where I was and I saw a wonderfully place, unlike which I had never seen, sadly at that time the merchants caught me and threw me out. When I hit the ground, I saw that my only option now was to go back to my village and to resume the path that was made for me. I travelled…for a long time…knowling little the area, I was lost. I tried to have help from the natives, but they didn’t know any of the words my languages used. It was much too late, I realized, I had taken the wrong direction for many years, reaching the cost of what now is call Portugal. The sight of the Sea, made me go all the way back. I had little company than that of the bandits that tried to rob me. I saw myself unbelievably lucky, I could kill them all, sometime I did it with my own hands, but none of them could even hurt me.

After a long time travelling, I finally found my village and saw that it had much change, it was now a city with important activities. I tried to find my family but none could even remember my father, I only found an elderly woman that gasped my name when I cross her, the shock so heavy that it killed her. Her grand-daughter saw me, I thought she looked much like my little sister, I quickly ran away thinking I had taken the wrong path, that if I travelled long enough, I would find my old home back.

I travelled for even longer, everytimes I saw bandit or armies I would provoke them into fighting me. I would always win, soon not only because I couldn’t die, but also because my experience gave me superior skills. I continued to walk on foot, trying to realize some vain wish to find my home again. I finally reach another ocean, much like the one that made me go the other way. I’ve realise that I had no longer any hope and all I could do is to wander the land.

I’ve loved and kill many times through out history, but I never stick to any place. My sheer curiosity still dominate me. I want to see if I can make a difference.

Session 3

A fateful meeting

Having reaching the Pacific coast of now what is Russia (back in the day it was to no one but me as I was the only one who could survive living there). Knowing the coldness of the area I had very little desire to go further north and simply went down the coast. I was probably one of the earliest Marco Polo in history. Anyway, like always I simply walk many kilometres, stopping only to eat, drink and get clean. The later brought me my first real love.

I had reached the edge Korean peninsula after 3 years of exploration; I had found a nice isolate lake and enjoyed a nice swim. I had discover that I could virtually be as long as I wanted underwater, given enough discipline and training. I was more and more aware of my immortality, yet was still somehow in denial as I lacked an explanation over it and couldn’t bear admitting ignorance. I went to try to see if I could reach the bottom of the lake and after several try I actually manage, it was a particulary deep lake so it took me quite a while to get back on the surface. When I emerge, I notice I was no longer the only one taking my bath in this lake.

She was quite the beauty, a wonderful flower, cute more than gorgeous, her hair barely reaching her shoulder. The first thing she ever said to me was the terrified scream of her surprise. Of course, like me she came from a village that knew nothing of the world outside. Having face much worst than a naked woman, I didn’t panic, but I was embarrassed. I had never really been in that kind of situation before, my village had always harsh rule about mating before marriage and having left before I married I was still quite…innocent.

Seeing no one else was coming and that I was quite non-threatening (being paralyse by fear). She finally acknowledge my presence without apparently minding it so much. She just washed herself and went away after getting dress. I’ve had never felt such an attraction before and therefore I started to follow her trying to ignite some conversation, However I was quick to discover I couldn’t understand a word she said.

Her father quickly made sure I couldn’t approach her daughter and sent the villages guards after me. Certainly I could have quickly defeat the two men, but I preferred not to kill anyone close to the one I hoped to Romance. However, someone else killed them for me. It was an army sent to conquer the region. They quickly attack the three of us and killed my companion. I was pretty sure that I would never be able to survive such a large group. However I refused to go down without a fight and used the guards sword to kill them all. After a lengthy battle, I had kill a hundred men without a single scratch on my body.

The father of my love quickly grew fond of me as the entire battle took place in front of the village. I was given access to the village and quickly started to learn my message, starting to use more subtle way to conquer my way to the heart of the woman.

Session 4

Hindsight, hindsight...

Redem: Well we may live forever but it's a bit hard to know that guy was going to be important don't you think ?

Fenwick: I was merely commenting how many of use seemed to be in the region around the same time. I mean hell I'm amazed out of so many years of history not one person was able to remeber my name for stabbing Jesus. I'm still kinda ticked I cannot get my spear back.

Redem: I was merely commenting how many of use seemed to be in the region around the same time. I mean hell I'm amazed out of so many years of history not one person was able to remeber my name for stabbing Jesus. I'm still kinda ticked I cannot get my spear back.

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