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-====Provisional Parliament of Shared Worlds==== 
-The Provisional Parliament of Shared Worlds was established on January 14, 2013, by [[offtopic:​Tony]]. He proclaims himself as President of the Supreme Council for Constitutional Reconstruction,​ and appoints [[offtopic:​MrHuman]] as Lord President of Shared Worlds to deal with the operation and preparation work. Parties quickly sprang up, including the Labor Democrats, the Monarchist Party, the Christian Democratic Party, the People'​s Party, and the Statist Party. ​ However, Deputy Leader [[offtopic:​MrHuman]] of the Lab Dems split off from the party to form his own, because of his disagreement with leader [[offtopic:​gwen16#​Turquoise Blue]]'​s promise to consider a coalition with the Monarchists. ​ Eventually, his Workers'​ Party ended up with six members to the Lab Dems' one, and the two parties merged into the [[Socialist Party]]. ​ At the same time, four parties (the Monarchist Party, the People'​s Party, the Imperialist Party, and the Young Hong Kongers Party) merged into the Monarchy Party, led by JMT. 
-By the time elections rolled around, there were only five parties: the Socialists, the Statists (who are center-left on economic issues and centrist on social issues), led by Kyrator, the Monarchy Party (which is center-left,​ but constitutional,​ electoral monarchists),​ the Christian Democrats (who are populist and socially conservative),​ led by [[offtopic:​Abhakhazia]],​ and the Rational Party, (which is right-wing but socially tolerant), led by SpanishSpy. 
-The election was held between January 25 and 28, 2013. The Socialists emerged as the largest party, but failed to win a majority. 
-On the 30 of January 2013, the Monarchist party became the Democratic Party, a Center Left Party, having dropped the Monarchist part of their agenda. ​ On that same day, Party Leader Kyrator of the Statist Party was banned, and was replaced by Zeldar155 with Alex Costa as deputy. 
-==== Past election results ==== 
-[[Shared Worlds elections, January 2013]] 
-==== List of Lord Presidents of Shared Worlds ==== 
-^ # ^ Name                 ^ Assumed Office ​  ^ Left Office ​    ^ 
-| 1 | [[offtopic:​MrHuman]] | January 17, 2013 | January 29, 2013| 
-| 2 | [[offtopic:​Tony]] ​   | January 29, 2013 | N/A             | 
-==== List of Prime Ministers of Shared Worlds ==== 
-^ # ^ Name                 ^ Party                                       ^ Assumed Office ​  ^ Left Office ^ 
-| 1 | [[offtopic:​MrHuman]] | [[shared_worlds:​Socialist Party#​Socialist]] | January 29, 2013 | N/A         | 
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