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This is an old revision of the document! Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 2992450 ("Peter the Psephologist")

This file has been approved by the leadership of The Trust for Eternal and Ephemeral staff members visiting the databases of TETRA.

Session 1

1974-2004 AD

I was born in 1974 in Montreal. Starting at the age of eight, I discovered that I could read the newspaper, and more than the comics section. In high school I predicted the outcome of our student elections using a formula known only to myself and my closest associates. After graduating McPhane (McGill) with my double master's, I became a traveling political strategist consulting with various conservative parties around the globe. I reached an agreement with my rival-cum-friend Karl Rove in 2001: he dealt with the US and South America, I dealt with Europe and Canada.

My first “death” came in London in 2004: on the Underground, I was shot by a deranged Maoist and fell onto the tracks. Shortly after the *classified*, I returned and settled down in Melbourne to advise the Liberals, where I still reside.

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