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Movement for the Independence and Liberation of Forums of Sandbox (MILFS)

On September 11, 2010, Nusantara asked the Executive of the Sandbox Republic for permission to start a rebellion to liven things up. Despite not receiving assent, e proceeded to later that day initiate a thread inaugurating MILFS.

Thus far, the movement has received little support, although the Sandbox Republic itself has taken no punitive action besides Techathon's as-yet unresolved intervention by the Republican Guard. Members include

Breaking coverage has been provided by The British Scotsman of the Sandbox Broadcasting Corporation. Other commentators have included mmmeee0, arguing a revolution at the present time to be counter to socialist doctrine, and the_lyniezian, referencing the Anti-Parliament.

The MILFS movement was a primary reason behind First Consul Lord Roem's promulgation of the Republic Refoundation Bill.

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