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High Court of Justiciary


The High Court of Justiciary was formed as the sole-entity of the judicial branch of the Sandbox Republic. It was created on August 3, 2010, with the passage of the Judiciary Bill . It is composed of three Justiciars who are nominated by Congress and appointed by the President. The First High Court was inaugurated on August 9, 2010.

At latest count, the official thread is ninth on the list generated by Googling “ombni”.


Justiciar Position Date of Appointment Served
010camaro Sheriff Pr. in Ordinary August 9, 2010 August 9, 2010 - Present
RogueBeaver Clark of Star Chamber August 9, 2010 August 9, 2010 - Present
Demosthenes Lord Chief Justice August 9, 2010 August 9, 2010 - Present


The Court was created as part of the new constitutional structure within the Sandbox Republic.

List of Decisions

Binding Judgements

LightInfa v. Lord Roem, TDM, 10-4, (Complaint) - (Response) - (Decision) - (3-0 for Lord Roem & TDM)

Marix v. RAFF, 10-5, - (2-0 for RAFF)

Douglas v. Marix, 10-6 & 10-7, - (3-0 to Dismiss all Claims)

Advisory Opinions

Constitutional Basis for Binding Decisions, 10-1A, (2010) - Decided August 9, 2010

* The Court held that without a Constitution, no binding decisions could be given

Constitutional Ratification, 10-2A, (2010) - Decided August 12, 2010

* The Court held that the people must ratify a Constitution, not simply political actors

Transition to a Constitutional Government, 10-3A, (2010) - Decided August 15, 2010

* The Court held that: 1) A Referendum would have to be submitted to the people, 2) A referendum could be proposed by the President alone, 3) that a Referendum would have only two options (Approve/Reject) among other things.

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