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Foreign Policy Reform Act


On August 28, 2010, First Consul Lord Roem proposed the Foreign Policy Reform Act, describing it as promoting assertive, interventionist ideals. Marix proposed it to the Congress for voting four days later. On September 2, as “Acting Chancellor ('Viceroy')”, Douglas declared that voting would end after 24 more hours.


Proposed Text of the Bill

BEING as it is the finest nation on earth, it has been deemed prudent by His Excellency, First Consul Lord Roem, to formulate a new and interventionist program of foreign relations of the Sandbox Republic. This Act attempts to lay out the formal creation of several bodies intended to regulate and promote the expansionist aims of our fair nation for the general betterment of all mankind.

1. Any citizen of the Republic (hereby referred to as Gentlemen-Adventurers) may stake a claim to any location on the globe not under the legitimate control of a rightful government.

NB. Within the terms of this item of legislation, the term “legitimate control of a rightful government” applies to those present with the blessing of the State Department of the Sandbox Republic. “Illegitimate governments” shall hereby refer to disputed territories where great power disagreements have led to a poor standard of living for their populations/natural enviroment unfortunate enough to have been caught within the crossfire.

Such regions may include, for the sake of reference;

I. Transdniestria II. Balawaristan III. The Spratly Islands IV. Rockall V. Nagorno-Karabakh IV. Belgium and so on, and so on, and so on. 2. An Office of Territorial Expansion shall be created to regulate the activities of these Gentlemen-Adventurers.

3. This Office shall be under the control of the State Department and accountable to Congress in the events of territorial disputes and/or arguments between competing Gentlemen-Adventurers

4. Any Gentlemen-Adventurer may claim a title held in right of their annexation of the new territory for the betterment of the Republic. These titles may be revoked by Congressional vote or an Executive Order if the holder has been found to have been exploiting their position of responsibility.

5. In all such circumstances, the lives of the local population and wildlife shall be deemed paramount. No exploitation of any creature and natural resources will be tolerated under the terms of the aforementioned Clause 4.


Marix, mmmeee0, Aero, charl, and Owain voted AYE. fortyseven declared his support before the voting period began, but was included as an AYE in the running tallies of the vote.

Richard Harrow, Techathon, LightInfa, Douglas, Zacoftheaxes, maverick, and razers are for fish voted NAY. razers are for fish had initially voted AYE before changing his vote.

Thus, the bill failed 5-7 (officially recorded as 8 to 4, for some reason).

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