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Caucasus Annexation Bill


In response to the debate surrounding the enactment of the Establishment of an Independent Judiciary Bill, Congressman Paladin declared, “Hoo boy, you guys are taking this waaaayyyy too seriously.” He thus proposed the Caucasus Annexation Bill on August 5, 2010. Richard Harrow said, “I'd support Paladin's measure, on the condition that it be amended to turn Armenia into a giant theme park.” Following the proposal of the Foreign Policy Reform Act, and under its terms, Paladin claimed the Caucasus for the New Imperial Party, using the Caucasus Annexation Bill as precedent.


Proposed Text of the Bill

Whereas the area known as the Caucasus is composed of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijain, Dagestan, and the neighboring environs.

Whereas this area has been under a state of almost constant conflict between a variety of ethnic and religious groups.

Whereas it could therefore benefit from our benevolent overlordship

Whereas it contains many valuable resources such as mineral ores, wine (mmm, Rkatsiteli) and tea, as well as gorgeous vistas and therefore tourism dollars

Whereas this representative wants a seaside dacha, dammit

It is proposed that the Caucasus be annexed as a territory into the Sandbox republic under the following provisos:

1. That it be organized into a single province, which is given a nifty title. Katapanate and Viceroyalty are both good possibilities. However, the final decision on the title goes to the governor.

2. The governor shall be appointed either by congress or the president, or both, it really doesn't matter. A staff shall also be appointed to assist him.

3. The governor and his staff shall also create nifty titles.

4.That for the sake of geographic simplicity Tbilisi shall be made the capital.

5.That all ethnic and religious groups shall recieve the equal treatment in the eyes of the state

6. That in order to defend this new territory, military units of suitable awesomeness shall be stationed in the region.


The bill was never brought to vote.

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