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-**Bouvet Island ISOT Mapgame III** is a mapgame started by [[offtopic:​Alternate History Geek]] on New Year's Eve 2013, replacing [[offtopic:​President Lenin]]'​s [[shared worlds:​Bouvet Island ISOT Mapgame 2]]. 
-The premise is that ASBs generate an invisible and impregnable barrier that has surrounded [[http://​​wiki/​Bouvet_Island|Bouvet Island]] (Norwegian: //​Bouvetøya//​),​ a Norwegian dependency that is the most remote island on Earth, closing it off completely from the outside world. Shortly after, the local climate warms up considerably,​ melting much of the ice and creating a climate similar to Baffin Island in the summer. Players can ISOT up to 5 objects and/or beings into the island, and watch as the islanders cope with the situation. 
-Notable contributors include: 
-*[[offtopic:​Alternate History Geek]] (//​**creator**//​) 
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