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Bouvet Island ISOT Mapgame III is a mapgame started by Alternate History Geek on New Year's Eve 2013, replacing President Lenin's Bouvet Island ISOT Mapgame 2.

The premise is that ASBs generate an invisible and impregnable barrier that has surrounded Bouvet Island (Norwegian: Bouvetøya), a Norwegian dependency that is the most remote island on Earth, closing it off completely from the outside world. Shortly after, the local climate warms up considerably, melting much of the ice and creating a climate similar to Baffin Island in the summer. Players can ISOT up to 3 objects and/or beings into the island, and watch as the islanders cope with the situation.


Notable contributors include:

*Alternate History Geek (creator) *krinsbez *Jcoggins *Gian *Ain *CannedTech *Pipochubs1999 *TheTimeRanger

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