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Black vs. White

Black vs. White is a series of picture editing games, originally started by August Akuma but continued by various others. The premise of the game is that there are two simple characters, drawn in pixel art: one black-colored and one white-colored, each inhabiting a black half and white half of the screen. Each successive player edits the picture and adds a little description of what's happening in his or her post, adding to the story. The game can very quickly grow wild with twists, counter-twists, and crazy shenanigans; as a side effect, they tend to be short-lived.

The first five games were posted in Non-Political Chat, while the most recent three were in Shared Worlds.

As of October 2013, there have been eight incarnations of the game:

Black vs. White: A Game by August Akuma (17 - 23 February 2010; 23 August 2010)

Black vs White 2: The Game by August Akuma (26 May - 11 June 2010; 24 - 25 August 2010)

Black vs. White III by Thande (8 - 14 February 2011)

Black vs. White IV by Pkmatrix (12 - 18 July 2011)

Black vs. White V by rtaker (24 - 27 November 2011)

Black vs. White VI : The Return of the revenge! by LSCatalina (6 - 8 June 2012)

Black vs. White VII: The Final; Beginning by Chickenspleen (9 - 19 March 2013)

Black vs. White VIII: Monochromatic Boogaloo! by Pkmatrix (14 - 15 October 2013)

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