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 +====== All Board Members are Moved to a Space Station ======
 ===== PROLOG ===== ===== PROLOG =====
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 Add more details if needed. Add more details if needed.
 +===== STATION =====
 +The station consists of several round modules attached to each other, with single air locks inbetween. Large modules can hold up to 500 people. 9 small modules take as much space as 1 large module so that they can easily be connected. The agricultural modules are as wide as a small module and as long as 3 large modules (about 6x54 meters?). They are half buried.
 +The station is at the moons north pole, and gets its energy via solar cell arrays on a nearby mountain, positioned to receive sunlight during the whole month (lunar day).
 +The habitat modules contain floors that circle around to create gravity and are curved so that one always stands upright at normal speed. On the outer edge, where the rooms are, the gravity is 1 g. the place inbetween is used for recreation and other (quiet) purposes. The 4 locks are connected with 2 bridges. Where the bridges cross, a tunnel goes down to the floor. It can be locked to the bridge or to the floor, to easily move in or out despite the rotation.
 ===== EQUIPMENT ===== ===== EQUIPMENT =====
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 Community showers (single cabins), toilets, clothes washing and drying facilities, and so on. Community showers (single cabins), toilets, clothes washing and drying facilities, and so on.
 +A pharmacy with all kinds of medicine.
 +A large laboratory for all kinds of research (medical, quality management, pests...)
 +A large canteen which is also useful as an assembly room for up to 500 people.
 +An exercise room contains all kinds of sports equipment.
 Add more details as you deem necessary. Add more details as you deem necessary.
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 === Your name === === Your name ===
-your personal items (20kg) here)+your personal items (20kg) here 
 +=== Jolo and Wife === 
 +2 stun guns for self defense and panic suppression (1 kg) 
 +1 baton (1 kg) 
 +2 digital walkie-talkies (1 kg) 
 +1 Laptop (1kg) 
 +1 DVD with all important data from my computer 
 +1 collection of computer programs (encyclopedias,​ simulations,​ graphics, programming,​ learning...) (1 kg) 
 +1 collection of games (computer/​dvd and conventional) (1kg) 
 +1 beamer (1kg) 
 +1 satellite dish and satellite receiver (2 kg) 
 +5 kg of paperwork and documents to deal with our legal and financial affairs 
 +2 kg of paper note pads and paper 
 +A few pens 
 +12 kg clothing 
 +2 kg water 
 +2 kg food 
 +2 kg of salt, spices, and so on 
 +10 fertilized chicken eggs (1 kg) 
 +4 fertilized goose eggs (1 kg) 
 +1 kg fertilized fish eggs of different useful kinds 
 +3 kg seeds of useful plants
 ==== Changes ==== ==== Changes ====
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 ==== Day 2 ==== ==== Day 2 ====
 +===== DISCUSSION =====
 +Debate what you believe should be done
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