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Orders Implementation June 2250:


1. Diplomatic Offensive: Rhomian annexation into our Lovian Utopia is fervently desired by its people. Denounce all claims of atrocities as “Ugly” and therefore against the artistic perfection of our state.

2. Propose a military Alliance with Tranquility and Omniplenty: We have always been at peace with the other Threeist powers.

3. Condemn use of the FEL (Neo-France)'s use of nuclear and biological weapons over their own cities. Denounce any responsibility.

F1. (559) [+0] Our Diplomatic offensive is ignored by the world, which continues to believe the Rhomian side of the story.

F2. (794) [+0] Our offer is being considered. We shall see results soon, hopefully.

F3. (936) [+1] We seem to have successfully thrown our use of these weapons into dispute, which can only be considered a large plus.


E1. Promote the seizure of “contraband from counterrevolutionaries” to finance war operations.

E2. Seek a weapons for Fissionables Trade agreement with Tranquility.

E3. Intensify Rewards and Punishment system to increase Prole output.

E1. (694) [+0] Orders to this effect were already in play, changing little.

E2. (398) [-0] Tranquility agrees, but at a worse exchange rate than we had wanted.

E3. (863) [+1] Maybe it's a side effect of their conditioning, but the Proles output increases as they are “impassionated” and “corrected” much more than expected from the minister of culture.

Covert Operations

C1. Reinfect Zeeland with Agent Goldheart

C2. Suppress Mechanist movement in Skyland through limited use of tactical nuclear weapons.

C3. Continue massive exploitation of FEL's weak security apparatus by discrediting “anti-Lovian” figures who nuked their own country.

C1. (149) [-1] Zeeland catches our agents in the act; no Goldheart is released and it will be nearly impossible to try it again.

C2. (739) [+0] The Mechanists continue to bunker up deep in the old mazeworks of Nova Britannia, avoiding massive loss of life, but disrupting their possible resurgence.

C3. (844) [+1] The FEL's Peace Party continues to thwart direct war with our country. This should allow us to finish our current foes before seeking to end the silly charades of Fraternity, Egality and Liberty with the true nature of State Love.

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