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Resources : Transportation Technology and Infrastructure

Online and bibliographic resources concerning transport technologies and the history of transport.

General Resources

Roads and road vehicles - Online tool for planning and calculating new bus lines anywhere in the world.

Cartype : A Museum of Automobile Topography - A general car-related resource site, with lots of documentation and visual resources from various periods of automotive history and various manufacturers from around the world.

Engines of the Red Army - Military motor vehicles of the Soviet Union. (Car and truck sections should be of special interest.) - Car technical specs, data, information, pictures, news.

Hemmings - Daily news site and blog about the history of motorism. - “The online historic motorsport magazine”.

The Old - 'The Old Motor is a comprehensive online vintage automobile magazine that is updated daily. Featured are well over eleven thousand classic car, antique car and old car photos and videos along with information about them.'

Pre-War - 'All About Antique, Vintage and Pre-War Cars.'

Olav's License Plate - An index and photogallery of license plates from around the whole world.

Railroads and rail vehicles

Railways of the World - A fantastically in-depth resource site about the history and current situation of railways in every country and territory of the world.

The American Railroads : A Long and Storied History - To quote the site's creator : “It is my hope that can be a beneficial guide for both those 'railfans' out there like myself who may be wanting to know the detailed particulars on a subject (for instance, say, wanting to know about the demise of the Milwaukee Road) as well as someone with a passing interest looking for an answer to a common railroading question. - Abandoned railroads in the US. - Abandoned railroads in the US.

Twin Fleet MES Specifications - An animated map. - A rich database of steam locomotives throughout history. Currently offers information and data primarily concerning US, Canadian, Mexican, Cuban, central American, Caribbean and Australian steam locomotives.

Railways Staff Database - Cheshire, England. From the Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cheshire Record Office web site. The Archives holds 17 staff registers of 4 former railway companies: Cambrian Railway, Great Western Railway, London and North Western Railway, London and North Western & Great Western Joint Railway. The registers cover staff working over a large area of the North West including western Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire and nine counties in North and mid Wales. They do not include stations in the east of Cheshire (eg Crewe). The registers provide a summary of an employee’s career, the actual details varying slightly between registers. The registers cover the period c. 1869 when the first register was compiled, to c 1950 although no one company’s registers cover this whole period. The index contains around 25,000 entries.

Crazy (and Dangerous) Railroads

Mexican Railway and Transport Museums

Urban public transport (road, rail, water)

The Urban Rail website - A great resource about urban rail transport from around the entire world.

NYC Subway - Everything you wanted to learn about the New York underground railway and its history, but were affraid to ask.

Public transport in and around Belvedere Avenue Roundabout (London)

Nordic Underwater Archaeology - Very useful site for those that want to learn about maritime transportation and trade in the past, especially the European Middle Ages. To quote the site : “If you like history and scuba diving, this is for you. Learn about maritime archaeology worldwide, from a north European perspective.”

Ancient navigation - A list of articles on the previously mentioned site. The articles cover various periods and areas of naval history. Port Distances - If you want to know how long it takes to get from port A to port B at speed x, and what the distance is.

The WIG Page - The largest page on Wing in Ground Vehicles / Ground Effect Vehicles / Ekranoplans on the Internet.

Medieval Baltic Ships - Traditions and constructional aspects - Detailed science paper on medieval ship types and shipbuilding techniques used in lands around the Baltic Sea during the Middle Ages. Also available as a .pdf here.

Airports and air travel - The largest and most detailed database of civilian (and military) aircraft photographs on the Internet.

Civilian Jetliners of Alternate History - A discussion thread about jet airliners that literally never took off in OTL (they either stayed on the drawing board or only made it to the prototype stage and were cancelled after that).


Flying Boats and Fellow Travellers - British flying boats of the interwar period, WWII and the 1950s.

360° panoramas of aircraft interiors - Courtesy of Ken McBride. Features interiors of several civilian and military aircraft types of British manufacture.

Autogyro usage in the interwar London Metropolitan Police

Airship transport times ? - Older discussion about OTL airship travel capabilities.

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