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Resources : Tools for creating illustrated AH content

A collection of resources that might come in handy when you decide to create various visual material for your alternate history-themed works.

1. Free graphics software

GIMP (“GNU Image Manipulation Program”)


Ink Scape

Google SketchUP


2. Textures and other useful graphic templates

3. Websites

Scrontch's Flag Designer - Fun with online flag randomizer...

Parliament Diagram Generator - Very useful tool, primarily intended for Wikipedia templates, but generally useful. See this page for Westminster-style parliamentary diagrams. - Website editor that you can use to edit real websites to make fake ones, if anyone needs help with making fake websites. - A site with thousands of schematics for various civilian and military vehicles. Probably no fictional models, but you can download the schematics and use them as aid for creating your own AH vehicles. - A useful little site with tons of pre-drawn pictorial models of various real and alternate military ships and various other vehicles of war. Can come in handy if you're creating a navy-centric TL. - “SpringSharp allows you to design “what-if” and “never built” warships between 1850 and 1950 using little more than the specifications in books like Janes Fighting Ships, Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships etc. It applies parametric formulas as used by professional Naval Architects (Mumford, Parsons, Holtrop & Mennen etc) as well as empirical data based on research on ships (Liners & Warships) of the period to give a soundly grounded and scientific basis to your designs. SpringSharp produces a written report in far more detail than the above resources.”

PimpMyGun site - A great flash application for creating pictorial models of various firearms (real modified ones or completely fictional). Has a rather extensive list of pre-built default models and accesories and is regularly udpated.

Pimp My Airsoft - Not as good as the above one, but with a little skill, you can still use it to make decent fictional firearms.

A pretty good custom coin generator

Another custom coin generator (WARNING : The site that hosts it contains some NSFW stock images.)

Make Your Own Soldiers and Other Military Stuff - Requires decent usage skills of programs to edit figures, once you get the hang of it it works fine. There are tutorials online. Updated every week with new figures.

MapSymbs Homepage - Tom Mouat's NATO Military Map Marking Symbols as TrueType Fonts, and other Military related Resources.

Ortelium Symbol Factory - Online generator tool for military map symbols (primarily NATO standards).

4. Various tips and tutorials

Resources by themselves don't create artworks, so you'll have to probably practice and learn certain skills before you create some.

Software tutorials

General artwork tutorials



Illustrations and models

Wikiboxes and infoboxes

See Also

Flag and Vexillological Resources - A resource page.

Heraldry Resources - A resource page.

Map and Cartography Resources - A resource page.

Alternate History Media - A collection of threads containing alternate history artworks made by the members of the board.

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