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Physical maps

Save contrary mention, the maps are using the RCS colour scheme.

: Map or patch using an obsolete basemap

: Possibly erroneous map or patch



Topographic map (Legend)

Icecap melt map

New (Minor) Ice Age map


Antarctica Centered

Present Day

Icecap melt map

Basemaps in Semmi Projection

Blank World Map

Blank with Oceanic Longitude and Latitude

Blank with Complete Longitude and Latitude

Completely Blank

Useful for creation of entirely new planets.


Terraformed Mars

Unterraformed Mars


These are small mini maps to indicate particularly complicated geographical changes that have occured throughout history for particular sections of maps.

Labelled Achronological World Map

Zuiderzee Works 1930-Present

Aral Sea Shrinkage

4000BC Mid East

Yellow River/Chinese Coastline

Mississippi River Delta

Great Rann of Kutch

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