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Resources : Paleography and Genealogy

These are useful online or bibliographical resources on various topics relating to paleography and historical scripts/writing, as well as topics related to the study of genealogy and family trees.


Deciphering Old Handwriting - Interesting online tutorial that gives examples on the changes to words over the centuries.

Ancient - “A compendium of worldwide writing systems from prehistory to today.”

Palaeography - Reading Early Handwriting - Online tutorial with examples.

English Handwriting 1500-1700: An Online Course

Examples of Letters of the 17th Century Found in Parish Registers

Handwriting in 16th and 17th Century English

Medieval Paleography - An Introduction


Researching African-Caribbean Family History

Acadian & Cajun Genealogy and History Online - Approximately 750 links on everything about Acadian and Cajun history, ranging from archaeology, maps, pictures, postcards, recipes and–of course–geneology.

Maps of ancestry by US state - Based on data from the 2000 census. Courtesy of Thande.

NNDB - A site that gives some brief descriptions of famous people (race, gender, religion/lack thereof, sexuality, etc.) as well as a brief biography of the person in question as well as their family members; it includes everyone from royalty to politicians to musicians to actors. It also has the nifty feature of being able to track connections between people. Should be useful for some, at least.

See Also

The Official Genealogy Thread - AH.commers discuss their own genealogical research.

Genealogy - About the hobby and its presence on in general.

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