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 ====== Resources : Northern Ireland ====== ====== Resources : Northern Ireland ======
 +This is a page listing various resources dealing with Northern Irish history, geography and related topics and subjects. Resources range from website and online article links to lists of recommended non-fiction bibliography. ​
 +**[[http://​​|Public Records Office of Northern Ireland]]**
 +**[[http://​​Sophie/​Castle/​gaelic.html|Gaelic Glossary]]** - Some common terms and phrases in Scottish and Irish Gaelic.
 ==== See Also ==== ==== See Also ====
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 **[[The UK|Useful Resources about the United Kingdom]]** **[[The UK|Useful Resources about the United Kingdom]]**
-**[[List of Resources by Country and Region]]** 
 **[[timelines:​Britain|British Timelines and Scenarios]]** **[[timelines:​Britain|British Timelines and Scenarios]]**
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 **[[pods:​Northern Ireland|Northern Ireland Points of Divergence]]** **[[pods:​Northern Ireland|Northern Ireland Points of Divergence]]**
 +==== Navigation ====
 +**[[List of Resources by Country and Region]]**
 +**[[resources:​resources|Useful Resources Main Directory]]**
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