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Hadaril's "Next-Gen" Updated Worlda Maps

This project is a complete modernization of the multiple OTL Worlda's floating around the forums and the wiki. Previously, our collection of worlda's was a haphazard mess of maps, most of which were completely antiquated (Rectangular base maps, anyone?). Almost every OTL map was built on a different edition of the blank Worlda, utilizing a disjointed mess of color schemes ranging from UCS to TACOS. Borders were all over the place, in many cases wildly inaccurate, and in every case highly inconsistant with the rest of the Worlda's. For example, the Czech border, which has remained (for the most part) unchanged since the 1100's, was drawn differently on almost every worlda.

The NextGen Worlda Series cleans up this mess. In this series:

  • All maps are drawn on the most recent edition of the blank worlda
  • Utilize a standard and consistant color scheme (Dubbed the “NextGen Color Scheme”, NCS for short)
  • Borders remain consistant and accurate over time.

Of course, not all Worlda maps could be salvaged. The first generation of worldas was built on the rectangular worlda, which is so wildly far off from the modern version that updating them would require tremendous work. Some years were simply omitted due to redundency (ex: having a 1100 AD and a 1115 AD map).

A visual browser of the map series can be found here. —-

Blank Worlda's and Resources

Ancient and Classical Era

Medieval Era

Early Modern Era

The Long 19th Century

First World War


Second World War

Cold War Era

Millenium Dawn

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