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Resources : New Zealand

This is a page listing various resources dealing with New Zealand history, geography and related topics and subjects. Resources range from website and online article links to lists of recommended non-fiction bibliography.

Archives and Documents

The National Library of New Zealand - Includes searchable databases and collections of articles related to New Zealand culture and history.

Colour reels of 1940s New Zealand found in California

General Historiography

Museum of New Zealand / Te Papa Tongarewa - The nation's primary museum institution and its collections.

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand - The largest New Zealand online encyclopedia, available in both English and Maori.

Nature and the Environment - Comprehensive site on New Zealand ecology.

NZ Birds - “The digital encyclopedia of New Zealand birds”. - Official site of the National Bird of Prey Centre of New Zealand. Lots of useful information on NZ's predatory avifauna.


Maori History, Culture and Crafts

Historical Maori and Pacific Islands resources - Courtesy of the Victoria University in Wellington database.

The Journal of the Polynesian Society - Online historical/archeological magazine specializing on the research of various Polynesian cultures. Lots of good articles that tackle even obscure topics. 99 % of all volumes in the journal's long history (1897-2010) are now directly available on the site's archive.

Rongoa Maori (Maori Medicine) and other uses of native plants found in Aotea Harbour

The history of New Zealand flax

The Polynesian Bow - An article by E. Tregear at the Journal of the Polynesian Society, examining the possible reasons behind the rarity of the bow among Polynesian ethnicities. Also have a look at this and this article.

English to Maori online dictionary


NZ On Screen - Database of New Zealand films, TV series, TV programs and other audiovisual works.

Economy, Research and Transport

Selling The Dream: The Art of Early New Zealand Tourism - A nice collection of ad posters promoting visits to New Zealand from the first half of the 20th century.

Wellington Tramway Museum - “Preserving Wellington's tramway heritage”.

Wellington Cable Car - The more than 110 years old funicular mass transit system in southern Wellington.

Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum - Discussion board about New Zealand aviation history.

Military history

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