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Resources : Italy

This is a page listing various resources dealing with Italian history, geography and related topics and subjects. Resources range from website and online article links to lists of recommended non-fiction bibliography.

General information

The "Ask me about Italy" thread, courtesy of Esopo

Archives and Documents


Culture and Cultural Heritage

Venipedia - A non-profit wiki project all about the city of Venice and its history. “Venipedia is a non-commercial wiki-based website dedicated to providing original information and data about the city of Venice, Italy. With the goal of cataloging and understanding every aspect of the unique culture, organization, and history, Venipedia seeks to provide English-speakers with a definitive compendium of up-to-date data on the incredible examples of human achievement found in Venice.

English to Venetian online dictionary

English to Ligurian online dictionary

English to Lombard online dictionary

English to Sardinian online dictionary

Economy, Research and Transport

See Also

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