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Points of Divergence : War of the Triple Alliance

Also, known as the Paraguayan War, the War of the Triple Alliance was waged from 1864 to 1870 between Paraguay (fighting on its own) and an alliance of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (hence the common name).

The causes of the war are one of the strangest in South American and 19th century history: Francisco Solano López, then leader of Paraguay, was obsessed with a desire to earn military glory for his homeland, and perhaps even expand its borders. He deliberately provoked the major powers neighbouring in the east into declaring war on Paraguay, in order to fulfill his ambitions. Since much of the male population of Paraguay perished in a war that Paraguay had no hope of winning, the outcome of the conflict became a tragic and defining moment in the country's history. It, and the social and political history that followed in its aftermath, shaped Paraguay as we know it, for better or worse.

Here are some points of divergence concerning possible alternate scenarios for this infamous war.

Different Initial Situation PODs

Different Wartime Decisions PODs

Urquiza's Argentine backs Lopez's Paraguay

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Individual Battle PODs

A different battle of Tuyuti

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Different Outcome PODs

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