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Points of Divergence : The Bourbons

Points of divergence pertaining to the history of the House of Bourbon, one of Europe's most long-lived and most famous ruling families, with many offshoots.

15th and 16th century

17th century

18th century

A different Bourbon for the Throne of Spain

WI: Major victory for the Bourbon powers in the War of the Spanish Succession ?

Total Bourbon defeat in the War of Spanish Succession

WI: Larger House of Bourbon after 1710 ?

Plausibility check: Bourbon Franco-Spain

Plausibility check: An earlier Mexican kingdom - with a Bourbon or a Habsburg ?

A Wittelsbach south Italy instead of a Bourbon one

Plausibility check: A Bourbon Poland ?

WI the Spanish Bourbon reforms of Latin America are more successful ?

Challenge: Bourbon American monarchy

Challenge: Bourbon union between France and Spain with POD after 1750 (1)

Challenge: Bourbon union between France and Spain with POD after 1750 (2)

Plausibility check: Philip of Bourbon-Parma, King of Belgium ?

Challenge: Unite France and Spain under a Bourbon monarch no earlier than the 1770s

Challenge: A Bourbon-unified Italy

WI: A Bourbon King of Portugal

WI: Aranda plan, Bourbon America, with a twist

Challenge: Switch the fates of the House of Orléans and (French) Bourbons

Challenge: Most powerful Bourbon monarchy to survive the French Revolution (with a POD no earlier than 1750) ?

How long could the Bourbon Ancien Régime at Versailles last ?

WI the French royal family fled to Britain ?

(Bourbon) Kingdom of Brittany

WI: Louis XVI and French royals allowed exile in North America by the French National Convention

WI: Sweden adopting the Bourbon and their children after the revolutionary exile

Bourbon a la Bonaparte

Successful Bourbon restoration in 1795

Revolutionaries or Napoleon allow pro-Bourbon generals and admirals to live

Challenge: A literal Bourbon US president

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

19th century

20th century


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