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Points of Divergence: Native Americans

This is an article listing various points of divergence related to Native American cultures, i.e. the native, pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas (from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego).

The article is a compilation of POD discussions already listed elsewhere on the wiki, and serves mainly to centralise them in one place, in addition to the specialised articles they already appear in. This is done mainly to make things easier for people interested in Native American PODs, avoiding the need to search through many different articles to find the specific POD discussions.

Please do not delete the PODs listed here from the articles they already appeared in. The article is meant to provide greater ease of use, but isn't meant to be an exclusive place for these PODs.

General PODs

Native American agriculture and domestication PODs

PODs about diseases and illnesses

PODs about natural disasters disrupting native cultures

New World Metallurgy PODs

Other Native American technological PODs

Native American cultural and political PODs

Native American ASB and ISOT PODs

Notable timelines

Native American Timelines

There have been a fair few Native American timelines, major and minor, throughout's history and the history of the online AH community in general. Here's a link to a list of some notable timelines.

See Also

Useful resources about native cultures worldwide

Useful resources about Native American languages

Pre-Columbian Native American cultures, PODs and alternate histories discussion - Main discussion thread for enthusiasts of pre-Columbian Native American alternate history. An older iteration can also be found here.

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