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Points of Divergence : Language and Linguistics

Points of divergence concerning the development of various languages and of linguistic sciences.

General musings

European languages

Etruscan language survival

WI: Standard Latin language

WI: Alternate Latin Alphabet

How did Latin "die" ?

WI the Romano-British version of Vulgar Latin survived ?

Challenge: More languages in Europe that survive to the present (with a 1300 POD)

Challenge: As many OTL European dialects developing into full languages as possible

Linguistic shift in Italy from Romance to Lombard

Other European alphabets

Challenge: Cyrillic alphabet more widespread than in OTL

A Romance language develops a third grammatical gender

Challenge: Surviving East Germanic languages

WI: Masovian language not extinct

More "Ancient Names" in Britain ?

WI: Cymbro-Saxon ?

Challenge: A completely alien "English" language

What would the English language look and sound like if the Norse conquer England ?

The development of the English language in a timeline without a succesful Norman invasion ?

Challenge: Understandably Germanic English ?

Limit the use of the English language to England only

Effect of no Shakespeare on the English Language ?

Challenge: English with a regulatory body

Largest possible number of Germanic languages ?

Challenge: Germanic Languages have separate alphabet

Can the Franks remain Germanic, or will they inevitably speak Romance ?

Challenge: Latin-speaking Germany

Challenge: Different division of the HRE leading to alternate Germanic-speaking countries

WI Dutch was far closer to German ?

Discussion on making the Dutch speak German (Deutsch)

Plausibility check: Germanized Lithuania in the 14th century

WI: More Germanic/Romance hybrid languages like English ?

How would the Irish langauge fare with Ireland as protestant as England ?

Survival of Gaulish or Norican language ?

WI more widely spoken Canadian Gaelic ?

Challenge: Make German as widely spoken in the US as Spanish (with a POD no earlier than the ratification of the Constitution)

Development of German language in a world where the Central Powers won WWI

Challenge: Make Cornish the world's lingua franca by 2000

Eastern Catalan dialects still using "salat" (sigmatic definitive article)

Orthography POD

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Asian languages

African languages

Challenge: Prevent Afrikaans from diverging from Dutch

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

South American languages

Challenge: Preserve Tupi as the dominant language of colonial Brazil

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Oceanian languages


Multilingual military

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

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