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Points of Divergence: Anjou dynasties / Angevines

The Angevins were one of the major and most widely branched noble and ruling dynasties of European histories. They affected the history of their native France, of the British Isles, of Italy (especially Naples) and of Hungary and Poland.

These are points of divergence concerning various alternate developments and outcomes in the various branches of the Angevins.

Angevins in France and Britain

Angevins in Italy

Angevins in Hungary, Poland and Austria

Angevins in other countries / Miscellaneous

WI House of Habsburg-Anjou-Durazzo

WI: Joanna of Castille marries Nicolas of Anjou

Joanna La Betraneja marries Nicholas of Anjou

Anjou France: An alternate Enlightenment - A mini-timeline by Kidblast, where the Angevins remain relevant for longer and become associated with an ATL Enlightenment era by the 18th century.

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