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Points of Divergence : Geography

Points of divergence dealing with the geography (and geology) of planet Earth itself.


Plausibility check: Are even minor geological PODs considered ASB ?

WI 90 degree flipped Earth ?

WI: The Earth is an infinite flat plane

Extra continent world map thread

WI: No British Isles

Avalonia Alone - This one concerns how civilisation would have developed if Avalonia did not break up and remained a separate island in the middle of the Atlantic.

Hawaii as the eigth continent

WI: New Guinea connected to Australia

WI the Sahul shelf was not submerged during the holocene ?

WI: Uninhabitable Arabia, Sahara and Central Asia

Sinai Peninsula as a lone island on an oceanic Earth

The African Twin Seas

Ice-Free Antarctica

The effects of a more northernly Antarctica ?

The effects of a more southernly Greenland ?

Warm Greenland

ASB WI: The ASBs move Antarctica into the middle of the Pacific Ocean

The Rise of Gondwana - Discussion about a geological POD in which Australia and Antarctica remain fused together as a single continent. Started by Danbensen, who has been working on such a project in his free time, outside of the board.

Another POD discussion about Australia and Antarctica staying fused together as the last remnant of Gondwana

Tropical polar regions, polar tropics

WI no Panama Isthmus ?

WI Australia was a less hostile continent ?

WI the mythical continent of Terra Australis Incognita was real ?

WI the mythical continent of Kumari Kandam was real ?

How large could islands be between Kiribati and Galapagos with minimal effects on weather ?

Atlantic Polynesia

Atlantia/Cabralia/Vespucia - fictional South Atlantic continent

WI: Zealandia does not sink

Zealandia ISOTed to 1800 AD

DBWI: Australia never sank

Short musings (mostly about alternate hydrography)

ASB WI: The landmasses and oceans have switched places

Faster continental drift

No Red Sea

What if the Baltic became landlocked ?

Challenge: Keep the Sahara green

Possible alternate routes of the Niger river ?

Geological WI: A Ceaseless tract of Desert...

No end to the last ice age

If the island of Britain never came into existence due to ASB intervention, what would the possible consequences be ?

WI the Suez Canal was natural and existed ever since the prehistoric times ?

WI: Yellow Nile survives

Possible alternate routes of the Niger ?

WI No Oil ?

Geographical WI: the Isthmus of Siberia

WI Doggerland survives ? (1)

WI Doggerland survives ? (2)

What's the most interesting place to put an extra island ?

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

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