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Points of Divergence : Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great (20/21 July 356 – 10/11 June 323 BC) was a historical figure who is best known for conquering everything from Macedonia (his homeland) to Egypt to Persia. He ruled the largest empire in the world and that had ever existed by that time.

Possible PoDs involving this historical personality

Obviously, there are many works of AH about him and his conquests. What if he had lived longer? What if he had conquered India as well? What if he had died before he rose to power? These are all interesting PODs that could have changed the history of the world greatly :

A TL about Alexander's empire

Some speculation about Alexander's Empire, including maps

Livy, an ancient Roman historian, remarked on Alexander the Great in what is often called 'the first alternate history'. His speculation about this concept can be found in parts 17-19 of book 9, found here.

See Also

A TL by Flocculencio about a possible Alexandrian excursion to India can be found here and here.

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