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AH.COM : A Chronology

This page will cover the events at AH.COM from its founding in September 2000, to the move to the Second Board in January 2004, to the present day.


30th of August - T]] is officially brought online.


13th of May - Ian temporarily shut down the site while he moved to a new place. Due to unexpected technical difficulties, however, the outage would last for five straight days.

28th of May - first moves to a new server.


15th of February - Part 1 of timelines/Beria's Soviet Union, one of's first major timelines, was posted by offtopic/Anon.

30th of March - Earliest known ISOT scenario thread posted on, courtest of Jonathan Kan.

27th of August - Registration is required in order to post on the board. Previously anyone could post. This leads to some users engaging in user-name changes as they register for the new accounts.


4th of January - Earliest known “alternate_history/The Race invades another TL's Earth” thread was posted. This genre remains popular in the ASB Forum to this day.

24th of January - GBW first suggested the idea of hosting awards for online Alternate History.

27th of May - For the first time, the site's traffic exceeds Ian's monthly bandwith limit forcing an upgrade from 15 GB to 50 GB.

18th of October - Grey Wolf posted Dancing the Shadows.

Early December - The Great Crash of '03

19th of December - New Board created by Ian.


1st of January - The New Board officially opens.

17th of January - The Old Board is officially closed and archived.

18th of April - The Great Crash. The board goes down when its internet host goes out of business, at the exact moment the Admin is on vacation overseas. It is back up and running on May 7, but has lost a week of posts which hadn't been backed up.

22nd of June - The Sheep Thread is begun by Prophet Landshark.

4th of July - Chrispi lights fireworks with his immersive novella Rapt.

5th of August - Armageddon: Mike Collins goes nuts and spams the board.

19th of August - Doctor What dies and comes back to life.

30th of November - The Great Google Incursion


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