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Not to be confused with Zachanassian or Zmflavius.

A member of, Zacoftheaxes has historically been active in Shared Worlds and as a candidate for selection as a moderator. However, he is quoted as saying: “…I do not want the responsibility of Chat on my shoulders. I'd do it if begged to, but I don't know how long it'd be before I'd retire. It's that bad.” (Source) He also supports the recent changes to the Chat forum.

He has also cosplayed as Kamina from Gurren Lagann.

Zac is the author of the cult hit timeline Black This Out, for which he received a Turtledove for Best Quote.

So that's that. Except for the prophecy.

Legend says that on the day when Ian falls, and his moderator team vanquished, the banned ones shall be let loose, flaming and trolling across the many lands of Zacoftheaxes shall lead the counter-strike and fight the Banned One's Lieutenant General Mung Bean on the Mount of the Alien Space Bats. Mung Beans shall prove the stronger of the two but just as defeat looks certain, Zacoftheaxes shall call upon the name of the Giant Bee and be transformed into a Holy Moderator.

He shall then slay Mung Beans with his Banhammer and thus claim the lands of the Alien Space Bats, and the many Worlds of the Sharers. He shall protect these lands until the chosen one arrises who shall sit on the throne of Ian. Wielding the Banhammer 40,000 the Chosen One shall defeat the Leader of the Banned Ones, Mike Collins, thus bringing in a thousand year era of peace and prosperity to the lands of, where Zacoftheaxes will no longer to need to use his axes in anger ever again…

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