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Writings of Jasen777


A Dropped Pen - Martin Luther stays a lawyer. It runs to the year 1820. Winner of the second timeline contest.

Chaos - the presidential election of 1996 - Jasen777's first timeline not written for a contest. It covers a 1996 election in which Colin Powell runs as an independent.

Chaos v1.2 - The chaos timeline revised and extended to cover the 2000 election. Turtledove Award nominated.

The Collapse of the Farce - A timeline featuring the collapse of the US during the AoC period, due to the early death of James Madison in the effects thereof. Doesn't go very far.

the collaps of the Soviet Union - A newspaper clippings collection by ten year old me.

Edith Keeler Timeline - ASB. The TL Kirk averted by letting Edith die.

For Want of a Newsreel - Dewey defeats Truman in the 1948 election. Winner of the first timeline contest.

Religious Establishment and the Collapse of the First American Republic - An AH esay. Beta version of The Collapse of the Farce.

The Ron Paul Revolution - Ron Paul wins the 2012 Iowa Caucus. Hijinks ensue?


America the Despised - A stroy seeking to play out a similar scenario to the one suggested in the movie SALT (an ASB causes the U.S. to nuke Tehran and Mecca). Abandoned due to lack of detailed ideas and worries about “overly enthusiastic” commenters.

The Box - a short story. Science Fiction.

But Mankind Proved Clever - Short story. Fantasy.

The Choice - A short story about a man facing a choice. Science fiction.

Conflict of Principle - A space opera novella. Completed!

Deep in the Heart - Part of a Texas town is ISOTed. Something of a commentary on published ISoT stories. In progress after a brief delay, previously “Untitled Isot Story”. Updates weekly(ish).

A Generational Thing - A short story about what the “War on Terror” may cost us as a society. Written in response to a challenge posted on the forum, other stories of which can be found here.

A Generational Thing, Take II - A short story written in response to Jasen777's own challenge to turn all of those “worst case scenario” stories about the war on terror into best case scenarios.

The Good God - A novella? set in an alternate 6th century with a surviving Western Roman Empire and a significantly different development of Christianity. Currently abandoned.

An Interview with God - a short story given in interview format.

The Man with the Tungsten Toe - A few chapters of a parody sequel to Turtledove's The Man with the Iron Heart.

Science - A short concerning the difference between science and art and the effect on AH if it becomes a science.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MOVE TO A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT THAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW! - A short story in the format of an automated spam email containing a journal. It tells about one person's attempt to uncover a far reaching conspiracy. And yes folks, it's complete as it is.

To whom it May Concern - a 666 word short story.

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