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World Dream Bank Maps

Maps of the different alternate Earths (and other planets) created by Chris Wayans of World Dream Bank, converted to editable blank maps by Thande.


Possible future of OTL, with Glaaaaawbul Waaarming leading to the polar caps melting and sea level rises.


A tilted Earth with both poles over ocean. Because of this there is less water bound up in the form of ice, so sea levels are higher.


The opposite of Seapole - both poles over land (Brazil and Indonesia). The polar ice caps are therefore bigger and sea levels are lower.


Earth tilted in a way that you get a huge continent (thanks to lower sea levels, there's a landbridge connecting Alaska and Kamchatka) the maximum west-east extension, potentially allowing faster development of civilization.


Alien space bats remove 90% of the Earth's water. One thousand years later, the planet looks like this. There is obviously much more land, and some of the former seabeds are inhabitable whereas the old continents, now miles above sea level, are frozen wastelands.

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