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-====== wilcoxchar ====== 
-A member who joined the forum in January 2008.  He is 20 years old and while originally from Colorado, he attends university in Washington, DC.  He proclaims himself to be a socialist and often mentions that he lives in the People'​s Republic of Boulder. 
-Wilcoxchar first gained some notoriety in the Map Threads, where his prolific posting prompted [[offtopic:​euio]] to informally declare him part of the [[Mappist Cabal]]. ​ However, with his recent decline in map production, he is unsure whether he is still or ever was a member. 
-==== Works ==== 
-He is the creator of the timeline //​**[[timelines:​union_and_liberty|Union and Liberty: An American TL]]**//, which aims to follow 200 years of American and world history. ​ Beginning in 1828, the timeline has reached the 1870s thus far and came in second in the Pre-1800 New Timeline runoff vote in the 2009 Turtledove Awards. 
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