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Wampanoag Incident

An incident that began on April 29th, 2014 when Ian kicked six people in a Chat thread about reviving the Wampanoag language, and in the resulting Hall of Infamy discussion.

VT45 posted the thread on April 27, asking what seemed an innocuous enough question about whether it was right that he be excluded from taking Wampanoag language classes, on the grounds that he was not a member of the tribe. Things started to get dicey when some posters questioned whether language revival was worthwhile at all. This drew accusations of bigotry, which drew warnings from Ian. Jbenuniv took things a step farther with a series of posts that seemed to question not just language revival, but the entire concept of holding on to an indigenous or minority ethnic identity. The very harsh response to Jbenuniv led Ian to issue three kicks.

A number of people felt that Ian was biased in his decisions to kick those people. The argument, and further kickings, continued in the original thread and in the Hall of Infamy. In the aftermath, Prime Minister, Tsao, and VT45 left the board permanently as a result, and othyrsyde opted to limit her involvement in the board considerably. Prime Minister returned in October. Two other people were kicked in discussions indirectly related to the Wampanoag Incident, bringing the total number of kicks to eight before the incident died down.

In early June, the original Wampanoag thread was revived for some sober, scholarly input from an expert on the subject. Needless to say, this led immediately to more fighting and one more kick so far.

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