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Vice President Mike

A Banned member who first started out as a seemingly normal member. However, after two kicks for posting plagiaristic material, he went nuts and “declared war” on the whole forum, launching the first of his Porn Terrorism attacks.

Did return as the sockpuppets Kasumi (not to be confused with kasumigenx), Amami, I am the Night, and Zoltie, only to get banned once again. A bit over a week later, he launched another attack, this time as Gramm Reaper (not to be confused with the late, lamented Grimm Reaper) and later as Boxxy.

On the 27th and 28th of February 2014, he led spam attacks on He did this masquerading as Petike, who at that time still didn't have an account on the other site (and regretted it once he found out about the news); fortunately, the AH.Com mod team were able to contact's administrator, allowing Petike to reclaim his username.

On the 12th of March, during a spam attack, he edited his Wiki page, proclaiming himself “likely to become the best member.” He also claimed the following as his sockpuppets;

  • Ekim Tnediserp Eciv
  • Noigel Eht Nioj
  • Digital King
  • Calbear Sucks Dick
  • Las Vegas
  • Troika
  • anthony.stevenson
  • Bill Clinton
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Kitsune
  • Amami
  • Zorlon
  • Taican1998
  • I am the night

On the 14th of March he spammed again, but this time he sent child porn via PM. He did this masquerading as Alternate History Geek. He also spammed child porn on as King Washington. He will likely be facing legal action for this.

Unfortunately, he has not yet stopped his trolling crusade-in 2015, he attacked with pornspam(mostly the same crap he stole from Encyclopedia Dramatica and other places), and also tried to break into Steve's AH Site on at least a couple of occasions, with one successful breach during his Christmas Offensive. He also tried to launch an attack on AltHistoria but was shut down fairly quickly by Krall.

On February 10 2016 the Church of Miller officially called a Jihadisade against VPM.

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