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Various Banter

Just a list of discussions on miscellaneous mundane but interesting non-political topics that AH.commers talk about. If we take a less charitable view, this is a dumping ground page for interesting informal discussions that don't fit elsewhere on the wiki. ;-)

Threads to see before you die

What's your current desktop backdrop ?

Discussion: Is a fanfiction site ?

Greatest Timelines Polls (before 1901)

Now thats just painfully adorable:The Thread!

What do you want to accomplish in 2014 ?

Your most succesful threads

The Official Gorgeous Fantasy Pictures Thread

The Ofical Badass Sci-Fi Pictures Thread

All Purpose Anime and Manga Discussion Thread I

All Purpose Anime and Manga Discussion Thread II

All-purpose Anime and Manga Art Thread

Ridiculous Comics Images Thread

Any poets on the site ?

The (Terrible)Poetry Thread!

Let's write history-based metal lyrics !

Longest coherent sentence challenge

What's your opinion on your local voice acting ?

Works of fiction that fail to live up to their potential

Make Porno Title Parodies of Historical Events

Describe how school taught you history

The Official Historical/News Picture Thread

Imagine your life if it was in the medieval era

Imagine your life in the Victorian era

The Official Religion/Beliefs/Philosophy Discussion Thread

Unpopular opinions we have I

Unpopular opinions we have II

Forum Members You Used to Deal With Alot But Now Don't

Your Reply-less Threads

My annual ghost story

Share your boogeymen/ local urban legends

Weird/scary local stories ?

Confess your AH sins

Strange But False... I

Strange But False... II

Pet Peeves?

Technology you miss ?

Things that are trying too hard

Most tragic fictional characters (or fictional groups) ?

Is Anyone On "Famous"?

Questions on the European Stereotypes...

Best conspiracy theory ever: Dune and the 7/7 London bombings

Most entertaining conspiracy theory

Petition To Reinstitute Polls In Chat

Quality of Discussion on this Forum

An appeal to the people of

Famous stand-ins for AH.COM board Members

What do you want your last stand to be like ?

If you could have any piece of military equipment past or present what would it be ?

Current cultural phenomena that will face the "deader than Disco" effect

Not offensive in US but is in Europe ?

What do Americans do that baffles foreigners ?

Americans, what do foreigners do that baffles you ?

USA+Canadian Social Attitudes VS Western European Social Attitudes: Which Are Better?

Hey, non-Americans, what is America like on your visits ?

Silliest Cultural Traits

Fitness and General Health Thread

What does everybody else's name mean ?

How did you come up with your username ? Superheroes !

Biggest Plot Holes in History

The Lamest ATL Titles Game Thus Far

Any shortwave radio listeners on the board ?

So, you're stranded on a deserted island...

Top five saddest moments from my childhood fiction

Funny Things You Used To Believe As A Kid (6 years old or so)

Stunning geography/history ignorance by people you know

What was the last invention that made you go "wow, it really is the future !" ?

How To Make Modern Architecture More Beautiful

If polchat existed in the past... thread titles in ATLs

Name the historical quote!

Best mistranslations ?

What's your "like" policy on ?

To you, who are the iconic posters ?'s Desert Island Discs

History of Technology Thread

See Also Societies

Hobbies of AH.commers - Where you'll find most discussions on various hobbyist stuff.

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