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The Valkyrie Squadron Bill of 2009

MP Iori (DISPPR) introduced the Valkyrie Bill on August 26, 2009, as a way to combat n00bishness on the site via a squadron of valkyries who could swoop into threads deemed to be in danger of being overrun with ASBs. The bill initially received a cold welcome, with several Nay votes on the grounds of spewing “memes” (Communist Wizard, BBP), being “silly, and not in a funny/fun way” (Krall, BWS), and “useless, completely useless” (Stalin's Pipe Organs, PRSP).

After the first hour or so, the bill was nearly forgotten, as Parliament was busy discussing the Direct Democracy Bill, the issue of Presidential Titles (an idea never formed into a bill) and creating Military Hardware and Flag Committees (work that ultimately led to the 1st Commitees Bill of 2009). The next day, Jimbrock brought the bill to attention again but voted Nay. Vice President Hashasheen expressed his support, but the bill died on the Parliamentary floor without gaining any votes besides the sponsor's.

Text of the Bill

WHEREAS It's not uncommon for scenarios that require ASB changes to make their way into the pre and post 1900 sections and their is currently no specific reaction to this other than simply saying it's ASB.

BE IT ENACTED That the Imperial government shall commission the acquisition and training of a legion of robust, white horses genetically modified for flight.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED That an equal sized legion of unnaturally beautiful Scandinavian be trained to ride the aforementioned horses.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED That the standard weapons of this legion be a large Norse sword and a minigun.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED That this legion shall be officially known as 'Valkyrie Squadron'.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED That Valkyrie Squadron shall swoop down from the sky's and announce when an idea is ASB when it is not in the ASB sub-forum.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED That while doing the above that Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' be played while doing this.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED That we commission one of our great and talented artists create a postable picture, similar to the Picard Facepalm image, to be used by the general membership when Valkyrie Squadron is busy.


Voted Aye

Iori (DISPPR) (1)

Voted Nay

Krall (BWS), Jimbrock (FFF), Communist Wizard (BBP), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (4)

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