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-Texan member of Likes space. Likes space a lot, actually.+====== Workable Goblin ======
-Timelines:+[[USA|American]],​ specifically [[Texas|Texan]] member of Likes space. [[the space jockeys|Likes space a lot]], actually. ​
-Current: +Formerly known as "truth is life" until the [[name change registry|name change]] in July 2013.
-[[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=139242|Forward Apollo!]]: What if, instead of a space shuttle, there was Apollo part II? Witness the fall--and rise--of America'​s crewed space program ​in the decades that follows (contains reboot--starts on page 3)Also includes: more successful Soviet space program! British space program! A return to the Moon!+
-Gusmobile to the Moon!: Faster, better cheaper: Gemini offered all these and more in the early '60s. However, the older and more politically connected Apollo was used as America'​s moon craft instead. What if that was reversed?+==== Works ====
-For Want of a Sail...: Governor General Guy Carleton dies when the ship he is on sinks prior to reaching CanadaAs result the Quebec Act is never passed--and Canada joins the 13 colonies in Revolution.+//​**[[timelines:​Eyes Turned Skyward]]**//​ - About an alternate post-Apollo space program. Currently being in progress, co-written with [[offtopic:​e ​of pi]]WG's own comments: //"​This TL grew out of my earlier efforts, [[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=208954|seen here]]. For one thing, it hasn't got Space Shuttle."//
-Fall of the Red TsarStalin commits suicide in 1932. Everything is different.+//​**[[timelines:​To Rise From the Earth|To Rise From the Earth An Alternate '​post-Apollo'​ Space Program]]**//​ - A smaller, older timeline, with a different ​take on an alternate post-Apollo program
-Indian-American Alliance (working title)India allies with the US during the Cold War. Pakistan is pushed to invent Islamism 20 years earlyIndia experiences ​little economic miracle ​of its own, and China is left playing catch-up by 2000Alsothere isn't a Vietnam War. Very speculative.+**Future TL plans:** //"​Might do some other stuff in the future; an alternate Gemini-centric space TL might be interestingor couple ​of old ideas I've hadHoweverI probably won'​t ​have the time to actually do anything past ETS for while, since I recently entered graduate school."// 
 +==== Navigation ==== 
 +**[[Member List#​w|Member List]]**
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