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Tongera is a young British member living in Bristol (maybe the only one).

A right-wing member of The Politibrits (no, not Blackadder mk 2, the other one).

As half of pre-1900 posters, Tongera is very much into Byzantophily despite being in denial about it. Still he made attempts to escape this label by interesting himself about Anatolian history in a larger scale. Unfortunatly, he's still considered as such and his choice of TL didn't helped.

AH Works

Currently running the TL The 1000 Years Of The Komnenos…Well maybe the name is Kommenoi Triumphants. Unless it's The 1000 Year Dynasty of the Kommenos.

Anyway… A TL most ambitious in its title that involes the defeat of Kilij Arslan in 1176, eventually crushing the Turkish dominance in Anatolia.

The 1000 Years Dynasty of the Kommenos Triumphant

Claims to Fame

He was initially (somewhat unfairly) mistaken for a sockpuppet of Rule Britannia by three separate people due to his youth and populist views, also tends to be rather inquisitive of just about everything, often creating discussions due to conflicting answers.

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