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 +Tomislav Addai is a board member from [[offtopic:​slovakia|Slovakia]],​ who joined the board on May 13th, 2017. 
 +His nickname is composed of two parts: //​Tomislav//​ being the name of one of the greatest kings of [[offtopic:​croatia|Croatia]],​ while //Addai// is the Aramaic form of Thaddeus, one of the Apostles.
 +====== Tomislav´s Major Projects ======
 +  - The TURCS : [[https://​​forum/​threads/​the-universal-religious-colour-scheme-turcs-without-caicos.433178/​|TURCS without Caicos]]. While putting quite a lot of time into it, Tomislav is rather sad that he has not seen more than one map from another board member use it. The TURCS colour scheme was developped to explain the colours used on:
 +  - [[https://​​forum/​threads/​religious-map.416833/​page-12|Religious Map]] and its successor Religious M-BAM project [[https://​​forum/​threads/​religious-m-bam-project.449695/​|Religious M-BAM project]]. These two maps are highly-detailed maps of the religious distribution in the world, and in some cases it appears,​that they are even the most accurate resource online !
 +  - [[https://​​forum/​threads/​political-m-bam-project.455674/​|Political M-BAM]]: Inspired by the Religious M-BAM, this ought to be updated after every elections to depict the prevalent political ideologies in the world
 +  - [[https://​​forum/​threads/​urhafah-universal-historical-atlas-for-alternatehistorians.471153/​|URHAFAH:​ Universal Historical Atlas for Alternate Historians]]:​ Uses a Paradox-game like province base map, ought to be coloured for different eras showing not only the political, but also liguistic, religious and cultural maps.
 +  - [[https://​​forum/​threads/​collaborative-timeline-dunes-of-the-desert.457532/​page-1|Dunes of the Desert]]: Despite being officially intended to be a collaborative timeline, the Dunes of the Desert has so far been updated solely by Tomislav himself. New editors and collaborators are of course welcome. The Dunes of the Desert is a non-islam timeline, with several allohistorical phenomena. The "plot entries"​ are upadated in Chapters (56 so far), focusing on a region per century. After all the regions of the century are updated, Tomislav presses the pause, printscreen button and publishes some maps (in threadmarks called Overviews or Interludes). Necessary maps include the Political Map, the Linguistic Map, the Religious Map and a forms of government map as well. 
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