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Three reasons why you should join the PRSP!

… …

1. The PRSP unlike all of the other parties is brand new and is experiencing substantial growth. By joining today you have an excellent chance of being elected the next Member of Parliament, the next Landsraad Member, or even being chosen as the next AH Cabinet official.

2. Our Party in contrast to the large bloated coalitions which currently rule over, is welcoming to all new AH members. It doesn't matter to us whether you joined last year or four years ago, as our member you will be highly recognized and highly appreciated!

3. I understand the hardships of a being a newcomer to AH politics. Hell I was one myself! As such, I will work hard towards making the Party a fun and welcoming place. And hey if any member is unsure about something, or wishes to inquire about the Party or the AH political scene, I will be most happy to respond and address all of your concerns!

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