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Thespitron 6000

(Theatrical Hermeneutic Education Servo-Processing Intelligent Training Robot Of Note 6-settings 0-emissions 0-sum 0-trans fats) is some kinda crazy robot kerjigger.

Joining the board in August 2010, Thespitron is one of's more elusive and enigmatic members, never having been captured on film. Several tracks have been found, but many scientists claim they actually are the tracks of a Himalayan brown bear, melted in the snow.

Distinguishing Features

Thespitron is considered by some (but not himself) as very knowledgeable about Renaissance and Reformation Europe. He is a fan of Pink Floyd. No, really. He's really a fan of Pink Floyd. He also tends towards surreal and absurdist humor, especially in threads which he feels have the potential to be very inflammatory. He doesn't have emotions, which makes him very sad.


Thespitron 6000 is a candidate for President of the United States in 2012; his running-mate is MacCaulay. They are running as the “Rock Your Asses 'Til Midnight” ticket. In general, Thespitron considers himself to be a moderate, favoring energy independence, economic solvency, and KILLING ALL HUMANS.

Works on the Board

* A More Personal Union: POD of 1560, with Francis II not succumbing to a brain abscess.

* Fifty-Four Forty or Bite: POD of 1844, with Lewis Cass winning the Democratic nomination for President. Currently a dead TL.

* Fascism: What is it?: A rather useful essay about the nature off fascism and what distinguishes it from other political philosophies.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, a sapient computer based on him and his username - Thespitron 6000 - acts as the MES-1 ship's AI.

See Also

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