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-TheShah, AKA Shah, or originally Shaharazar discovered SW while terribly bored during winter break 2010/11 after randomly typing in google the words, Alternate History. ​ He doesn'​t really remember what happened next, only that he was then waiting insatiably for EoE to start.  ​ 
-Attends college in Indiana, working in DC the last few semesters. 
-A relatively new kid on the block, but is fully addicted, making him dedicated to improving the realism and entertaining aspects of the game.  Started modding during his first game. 
-He sees OverLord as a model for governance, SirScott as a model for class, Fenwick as a model for espionage, AD for brutality, and Rebel for military matters. 
-Is one of the few "​newbs"​ of the shared world'​s main forum that did increadibly well his first game, despite odds at the beginning. 
-Politically a Centrist but with Fascist (Italian) sympathies even though he knows they will never be adopted nor should he vote on said beliefs. 
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