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 ====== Theseus Deuteros ====== ====== Theseus Deuteros ======
-member who joined in October 2012.+TheseusDeuteros is member who joined in October 2012. He still feels quite new and is surely not that well-known. He spends most of his time on the Map Thread and makes tons of maps. He also creates flags every now and then. 
 +As a sidenote, TheseusDeuteros is quite a young member; 14 years old at the moment. 
 +==== Username ==== 
 +Many may wonder why he has this username, and in fact, the name does not make a lot of sense. The story begins when he had a project for Latin at school. He and his friends were fooling around and giving each other names of Greek heroes. TD got the name '​Theseus',​ because it looks quite like his real name. The second part of his username simply is Ancient Greek for 'the second'​. 
 +Furthermore,​ TheseusDeuteros sometimes is called TD or Theseus for short. 
 +==== Maps ==== 
 +TheseusDeuteros is addicted to making maps and contributes to map contests quite often. A few maps of his have been nominated for the 2012 Turtledove Awards, but most of them were nominated by himself... :) 
 +== Maps of Words Contests == 
 +TD also has started the [[http://​​discussion/​showthread.php?​t=266577|Maps of Words Contests]]. This map contest really needs more contribution. It often stops for a while because too little people enter, and he thinks that is really sad. 
 +==== Flags ==== 
 +As already mentioned, TD also likes making flags, though he does it less often currently. Some of his flags have been nominated for the 2012 Turtledove Awards, by the way. 
 +==== Writing ==== 
 +Lastly, TD loves writing and at the moment he is working on a novel-in-progress. This novel-in-progress is a damn lot of work and hence he has less time for for instance map-making.
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