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Theseus Deuteros

TheseusDeuteros is member who joined in October 2012. He still feels quite new and is surely not that well-known. He spends most of his time on the Map Thread and makes tons of maps. He also creates flags every now and then. As a sidenote, TheseusDeuteros is quite a young member; 14 years old at the moment.


Many may wonder why he has this username, and in fact, the name does not make a lot of sense. The story begins when he had a project for Latin at school. He and his friends were fooling around and giving each other names of Greek heroes. TD got the name 'Theseus', because it looks quite like his real name. The second part of his username simply is Ancient Greek for 'the second'. Furthermore, TheseusDeuteros sometimes is called TD or Theseus for short.


TheseusDeuteros is addicted to making maps and contributes to map contests quite often. A few maps of his have been nominated for the 2012 Turtledove Awards, but most of them were nominated by himself… :)

Maps of Words Contests

TD also has started the Maps of Words Contests. This map contest really needs more contribution. It often stops for a while because too little people enter, and he thinks that is really sad.


As already mentioned, TD also likes making flags, though he does it less often currently. Some of his flags have been nominated for the 2012 Turtledove Awards, by the way.


Lastly, TD loves writing and at the moment he is working on a novel-in-progress. This novel-in-progress is a damn lot of work and hence he has less time for for instance map-making.

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