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Tel-avision / Theine

Tel-avision was a repeatedly banned member who is Israeli. He's studying to be a chemist. Infamous for his opinion that all of Israel's neighbours ought to be nuked Although he originally signed up to the site under the user names Eerie, Theine, and Polonium Elemental, people have taken to using the name he had while kicked, Polonium Elemental.

Was known for repeteadly creating multiple sockpuppet accounts even when kicked. Last removed while under the user name Removal. Was well on his way (at the time) to eclipsing Nonny in total number of bans. (Well, at least until Rockingham showed up…) In his latest incarnation, shortly before being banned, Theine said that visiting and baiting people was fun, leading MrP to label him “You poor sod! :-(”.

Don't be Theine, people. Don't be a sockpuppet troll.

List of his sockpuckets

In alphabetical order, no less !

  • Agent Smooth
  • Eerie
  • Macabre
  • Nothing but love
  • Opium Prime
  • Polonium Elemental
  • Removal
  • Theine
  • Tuu
  • Yellow Jacket

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