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He came to in a rather roundabout fashion. A keen reader of alternate history for many years, a random google search brought him upon the Decades of Darkness website. He was soon enthralled. Further investigation brought him to the discussion boards, which he has enjoyed posting on since 16 July 2007.

TheBlackKnight lives and works in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, and is proud to be part of a sizable Australian contingent at, while at the same time enjoying contact with those from overseas.

Besides DoD, he also enjoys the Look to the West timeline by Thande, A Prussian on the Spanish Throne by Tochomocho, and A New Portugal (an alternate Ksar-el-Kebir) by Gozanga. He recommends you go and read these forthwith.

As for writing a timeline of his own, the only thing stopping TheBlackKnight is lack of time and the fact that a Fantasy novel idea keeps intruding on his thoughts.

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