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The Strangers

A group of posters who congregated around the original Strangerverse fic in 2008, the Strangers are one of the more profilic group of posters in the forum, and are generally seen as the sensible, reasonable “New Guard”. Many of the Strangers have gone offline in recent times due to IRL issues or distractions, but there remains a vocal minority that is intent on making a better place. There have also been late additions of more new posters as well as older posters who have taken up interest in the Strangerverse, who will also be added to the original roster.

The Strangerverse

Main article.

The Basic Idea originated with Big Tex, who created the simple concept of a time-traveler going back in time to prevent a horrible future by entrusting advanced implements to a central figure or leader, who later on creates an organisation to control and protect the devices, as well as use them justly.


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