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The Poarter

Joined in late August 2014. Was infamous for slowly racking up various offences, but he kept them spaced a fair bit apart.

However, in mid August 2017, he came to the board and started a blatantly scaremongering thread about Muslims (yes, an unironic teh evol muslims spiel again…), in which he played expert by citing random videos as “proof” and outright calling for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims. The thread was like an eruption of anti-Muslim sentiment… and stupidity. It was also a newsreader violation.

The Poarter was promptly banned by Dom, for support of ethnic cleansing and nazi-like policies towards a whole religious group.

Many AH.commers are surprised The Poarter lasted this long, almost three years. As he didn't post that frequently, he probably had a hard time not exploding into racist and bigoted rants at the first opportunity. Whatever spurred him to create his last thread, he effectivelly commiting suicide by mod. Serves him right.

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